My mission is to help people cultivate the personal awareness and social support that are necessary for heart awakening in daily life.



These times of massive upheaval require two things:
our own daily personal practice that allows us to stay 'present in the storm' and a community safety net in which we have each other’s back, support each other’s daily practice and wake up together out of disconnection and stress.


The Heart Circle model is intentionally designed to help people fulfill both of these requirements. The Five Ways of Being provide a framework for daily practice and for each Heart Circle. 

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Receive the technical knowhow and the direct experience needed to either join or create your own ongoing Heart Circle while deepening the personal practices you use to stay present and real in everyday life.


The next online 8-Week Heart Circle Experience starts Thursday October 22.



In my book 'Waking Up with Everyone Around Us', I explore the relationship between establishing a strong daily personal practice and a strong Heart Circle that offers deep relational connection and belonging. Each enhances the other.

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Coaching sessions are for individuals and couples interested in cultivating specific life skills and in-the-moment inquiries that lead to greater self-awareness, kindness and resiliency.

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As an organizational consultant I offer analysis, planning and implementation strategies to build a greater culture of connection, kindness and creativity within organizations, schools and businesses.


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In poetry I can best express how my personal experience merges with my work.

I recently published 'A Dangerous Work of Art and other poems'

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My personal background and lifetime experience. 

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