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Heart Circle and The Five Ways of Being can be thought of as an operating system through which any organization can create a powerful heart-centered environment for all members of that organization.

Installing this system requires that members first come to a common understanding of what The Five Ways of Being are, then agree to practice them with one another while together within the organization.


Many organizations in our Culture of Separation operate through a social operating system of protocol and tradition that are opposite of The Five Ways of Being.


Systemically, the environment doesn’t support its members being clear about personal and organization purpose. Staying busy is valued over being present. Emotional masking covers emotional honesty. Disconnection trumps love and connection. And people are encouraged to follow organizational expectations more than individual inspiration. 

I work with businesses, schools, churches, temples and service organizations, training them to install this new kind of social operating system. The leadership within the organization must be fully committed to this transformational proces, rather than approaching it as a philosophical ideal.

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