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A Heart Circle is made up of 2-8 people you care for and trust. These people can be a group of your friends, family members, school mates, or work colleagues. You meet regularly either weekly or bi-monthly for one to two hours.

The Circle starts off being facilitated by someone who is experienced in how Heart Circle works, but it is designed to function as an all-member facilitated group without a specific, designated facilitator.

Heart Circle provides a social environment that encourages our waking up out of the illusion that we are alone and disconnected from life and one another. It is designed to bring us into the safety and enjoyment of the ‘present moment’ together.

​As this occurs, we relax more deeply and have greater access to the subtle longings of our heart rather than the conditioning of our minds. Being able to access these subtle longings provides us with moment-to-moment life direction. As we become more present with each other, mutual trust awakens, our strategic defenses melt, and we open to love with one another.

​Community emerges from of this. Having community gives us a way to live with personal integrity, joy and strength during these rapidly changing times.


Central to Heart Circle is the idea that awakening is not a solitary endeavor. Awakening is always a relational process because we awaken with others, to others and with the support of others.

It’s about waking up with everyone around us!


More Presence

Heart Circle allows us to relax with others in the present moment, to move beyond surface chatter and small talk into naturally authentic communication.

More Joy

Being in Circle has this amazing way of being profound and fun at the same time.

Integration in Daily Life

More than anything else, Heart Circle provides us with group support during Circle to become more clear, present, real, connected and heart-directed in daily life outside of Circle.

Healthy Relationships

It gives us a reliable way to deal with conflict, third party talk, dominating personalities, and hidden agendas; the things that cripple many of the relationships and groups that we are currently a part of.

Better Connection with Self and Others

Heart Circle helps us develop personal sovereignty and strong boundaries while becoming more open and connected to others.

More Real

Each Circle experience is unique; never the same. This is because the Circle format supports our innate spontaneity, our intuitive insights, our innocence and shared vulnerabilities. It is a place to see others and be seen as we are, without pretense or defense. 

Mutual Support

It is a place to create friendships and relationships in which we can count on one another in crisis, in celebration, and everything in between.


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