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In this online deep dive:

          we will explore how to install Heart Circle and The Five Ways of Being in communities, families, teams and organizations as a template for group transformation

          we will experience how to create a resonant group field and hold space for resilience and emergence in circle

          we will form a peer-based Heart Circle of facilitators supporting each other to bring this work in the world individually and collectively

Change the culture from 'I-powered' to 'WE-powered'

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heart circle logo trans orange.png
heart circle logo trans orange.png


We plan 16 weekly 1,5-hour live zoom-sessions starting from Thursday February 2nd.

We will use Tej Steiners's Waking Up with Everyone Around Us as a guide book. You are encouraged to order the book on Amazon if you haven't yet done this.

After the Facilitator Experience you will be able to use Heart Circle and the Five Ways of Being in your own work (registered trademarks). When you feel called, there will be the possibility to join the WE-powered team.

The Facilitator Experience will be facilitated by Tej Steiner, originator of the Heart Circle model, and co-facilitated by Greet Heylen, who supports groups in Europe in co-creating from the emergent.

Facilitator Experience in 2023

Each Thursday starting from February 2 till May 18

7.30-9.00 pm CET
6.30-8.00 pm GMT
1.30-3.00 pm EST
10.30 am -12.00 pm PST

Contribution: €245/month — €980 in total

It is possible to pay in 1 or 4 times.

contact us for a payment plan or when the price is a barrier to participation.

"I have been doing heart circles with Tej for the last five years. I could not possible say enough about how grateful I am, and all the ways this practice has enriched my life and those around me. I feel it is the foundation to healthy relations, whether it is with families, friends, organizations, marriages or most importantly with yourself. It is a new set point into our evolution by learning how to embody who we truly are, giving it all permission to be and to be loved." — Acacia, Ashland, OR
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