Tej Steiner is a new kind of teacher. While he is dedicated to individual transformation, what makes him a new kind of teacher is his mastery of group dynamics and vision for using the power of groups, and the group field, to support that transformation. He is a pioneer in teaching how we can create greater trust and resonance within our families, friendships, businesses and organizations so that these already existing social groups can radically speed up our own individual transformation while they themselves become units of dynamic social change.

“I remember from an early age being extremely sensitive to what other people were feeling and thinking. For example, when I entered junior high from elementary school, I vividly recall being able to sense the entire school as one body. I could feel the group field as well as the individuals within it.

I was highly empathic but didn't know it until much later in life. As with so many other people who have this same empathic sensitivity, it was a gift and a curse. The gift was that many people were drawn to me because they sensed I could feel them. They felt seen by me. The curse was that I didn't know what to do with everything that I was feeling. It felt like a terrible responsibility and often came with sensory overload. It was also difficult to find me in the we. I couldn't tell if I was feeling what I was feeling or what others were feeling.

In 1985, I met Ross Laing in Toronto, Canada. He was a radically different kind of medical doctor who recognized that the root of all disease is our disconnection from self and others. He created open support circles as a place for healing this misperception. Beliefs, moral codes, directive input or concretized roles were replaced with simple presence, personal sovereignty and kindness.

Ross could feel others in the same way that I did but he understood the art of using his sensitivity to create free and resonant group fields in which others could develop their own empathic sensitivity. He was a master of small group dynamics and the first person to introduce to me the concept and practice of individual transformation through group interaction. Sitting in Circles that he facilitated was like coming home for me.

After studying Circle dynamics with Ross for several years, I began creating Circles of my own. I started primarily with forming men’s Circles; facilitating several thousand Circle sessions over a ten year period and then took Circle work into schools, businesses, churches and prisons.

By 2006, everything that I had learned about group dynamics coalesced in my creating Heart Circle. Heart Circle is designed around the foundational idea that the ultimate purpose of any group is to support the individuals within it to be more conscious, aware and loving human beings. The more the group is successful in this, the more dynamic and effective the group becomes in fulfilling its other purposes. 

While continuing to develop Heart Circle, I started to teach how any social group could come alive, not by becoming a Heart Circle, but by using any or all of the basic elements that are practised in Heart Circle. I saw that these group dynamic elements are universal. They bring us into connection with one another so that we have a much better chance of acting as a unified group rather than just a collection of individuals. They can be applied to any family, business, organization or community group. I saw how the culture itself could support personal transformation rather than be the primary obstacle to it.

It is my pleasure and passion to share with you what I've learned over the past 30 years about the relationship between personal and group transformation.”

Tej Steiner has worked with individuals, couples, families and organizations as a life coach and group facilitator/consultant since 1985. He established the organization Men In Circle where he taught men how to form and facilitate their own men’s groups. He was co-creator of In My Village, a social experiment in Ashland, Oregon in which 300 people came together to form their own independent interest groups with one another. He is the founder of Heart Circle and author of The Heart Circle Process: Waking Up With Everyone Around Us. Over many years he developed the Heart Circle Model and began to formally teach people how to create their own Heart Circles in many different parts of the world. His latest book is scheduled for release in June 2015. He lives in Ashland, Oregon.

What if … within every family, organization, political body, business or school, there is a hidden, often forbidden, unspoken purpose? What if that purpose is for everyone in any group to come into a deeper experience of love by being in the group?
— Tej Steiner